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Fostering Student Resilience: How to Deal with Trauma in the Classroom

As teachers, we take on many, MANY roles for our students. These roles include: Role Model Learning facilitator Mentor Coach Counselor And Many More! Because we take on some many different roles as teachers, our job goes beyond the content … Continue reading

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Lets Address the Misconception in the Room

Everyone once in their lives have believes some type misconception in science. These misconceptions are often learned as a child and have been with you since you can remember. For example, I remember from a young age in girl scouts … Continue reading

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Is it worth it? Duckworthian Teaching to Scientific Discover

Everyone once in their lives has had at least one wonderful idea. This idea could be anything, from putting ice in hot chocolate to cool it down faster (my own wonderful idea) to how to explain genetics that don’t follow … Continue reading

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Visible Thinking… The Visible Guide to Student Growth

As teachers, we always want to see student growth in our classrooms. Whether that be with writing skills, critical thinking, creativity etc. However, classes today are not set up that always these skills to grow. Students memorize vocabulary and spit … Continue reading

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Construct your teaching with Constructivism!

One of the greatest ways that you, as a teacher, can ensure your students are grasping concepts in order to apply and analyze them is through the use of Constructivism! Here is a video as an introduction as to what … Continue reading

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Teamwork makes the dream work! But only if its Cooperative

Everyone has most likely done group work in the past. Many people, like myself, would dread having to find a group made of people I knew would actually contribute and not just leave the work of four people all on … Continue reading

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Motivation: It comes from within, not from a report card

When dealing with anyone where you are seen as an authority figure can be difficult, especially if the people you are dealing with are teenagers. In school, encouraging students to complete work and to enjoy doing is difficult when adolescents … Continue reading

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Teaching in the Margins or the Center?

Imagine a forest, what do you see? You probably imagine lots of trees and a covering of dead leaves on the ground. Now, imagine some type of creature that would live here, it can be a deer, a squirrel, a … Continue reading

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Exemplary Science Teaching? How do we know we are looking at it?

Everyone has had good and bad teachers throughout their academic career. Think back to your old science teachers. What stands out about your time in their class? Was is the number of times you sat quietly and did questions from … Continue reading

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