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Building Brilliance by Fostering Resilience

When we start to look at the prevalence of the adversity that many of us have faced in our lives, we must also celebrate the power of resilience. Kristin Souers, p. 23 One of a teacher’s biggest joys is seeing … Continue reading

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How To Respond To Every Student’s Favorite Teacher: Ms. Conceptions

In our science classroom, we must understand where our students are in order to progress into where they can be. Students will come into each of our classes with a variety of prior knowledge from previous teachers of past experiences. … Continue reading

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Hey MTV, Welcome To My Students’ Thinking Made Visible

If the hit show MTV Cribs told us anything, it’s that people are nosy. Audiences are so entertained to get a sneak peak at how these celebrities live inside the walls of their home. I think this is a great … Continue reading

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Engaging Students Without Outraging Your Wallet

It is so rewarding to see a classroom of engaged students, discovering new things and creatively approaching activities, but this is often daunting… and expensive! So how is a well-meaning teacher supposed to engage students on a budget? Because let’s … Continue reading

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STEM: Spreading The Equity Movement

Let’s play a game. The rules are simple: tell me how the following groups of people are connected. Round 1: Beyonce, Drake. Justin Bieber. Ariana Grande. Post Malone. Adele. I bet it was pretty easy to name these six people … Continue reading

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You’re Driving Me Crazy!

What drives us? What gets us out of bed in the morning and into the classroom or the workplace? Is it the pursuit of a great salary or great grades? According to much of our current economic and educational systems, … Continue reading

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Marking up the Margins

A margin might conjure up images of the inch on each side of a paper where the teacher wreaks havoc with the red pen. Luckily for you, that’s not what this blog is about. Instead, I want to propose a … Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Exemplary Science Teaching

Don’t you ever look back to your high school years and wish you were sitting at a lab desk listening to your teacher drone on about testcrosses, ecological zones, or transcription factors? Yeah, me neither. So you may ask, or … Continue reading

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