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The Journey Towards Resilience

In Kristen Souers and Pete Halls book Fostering Resilient Learners, the impact of trauma and negative experiences is investigated through an educational lens to determine its harsh impacts on students as they go through their schooling experience. Throughout the book, … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Misconceptions in the Science Classroom

Confronting Flaws in Knowledge Think about the last time you thought something was true for a very long time and how it was to find out that the “fact” you thought was legitimate, just wasn’t. I imagine the feelings you … Continue reading

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Making Thinking Visible for Budding Scientists

By now we all know that traditional lecture style teaching and learning just simply does not work for most students! When we do not provide students with a chance to be active and the ones in charge of their own … Continue reading

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Incorporating Engaging Resources into the Science Classroom

How do you get a classroom of students engaged and curious about the world of science when your school has limited funds that may not allow for field trips, high tech scientific instruments, or an abundance of student geared resources? … Continue reading

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Enhancing Equity in STEM

Women and Minorities in STEM For years, women and minorities in science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM), have faced substantial opposition and challenges in pursuit of a career in these fields. Many women have been steered against pursuing STEM-based professions … Continue reading

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The Keys to Drive: Intrinsic Motivation in the Classroom

Your students aren’t going to benefit in the long run from extrinsic motivation! Intrinsic motivation shifts the responsibility from the teacher to the student. Once intrinsic motivation is acquired, it can last for a lifetime. Give your students the keys … Continue reading

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Atomic Habits: Both Big and Small

Atomic habits are seemingly insignificant actions you take in your life every day (such as practicing a language for 20 minutes a day). The power of the atomic habit is when repeated day after day and year after year, the … Continue reading

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The Margins: Where True Learning Happens

For many years, teachers have been taught to teach what is in their curriculum and to steer away from classroom diversions. Teachers may have been told to avoid difficult conversations, controversial topics, and perhaps even what is happening in the … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at Teaching Science in an Exemplary Manner

“They allow their students to have wonderful ideas, to make connections for themselves, to build their repertoire of understanding, and to discover solutions to their own questions.” (The Voices of Exemplary Science Teachers, p. 38). To be an exemplary science … Continue reading

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