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DIGGING in to The ROOT Issues of Challenges for STEM Teachers

DIGGING in to The ROOT Issues of Challenges for STEM Teachers By: Hayley Johnson I know, I know. That blog title may have one too many puns, but you get the message. Let me divulge to you some of my … Continue reading

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Manage Your Science Classroom (and Your Sanity)

Manage Your Science Classroom (and Your Sanity) By: Hayley Johnson I’d like to hope that your classroom will never get to a point of extremity where you will need to use this strategy for management, but it is comical to … Continue reading

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Engage Your Science Students Without Engaging Your Wallet

Engage Your Science Students Without Engaging Your Wallet Hayley Johnson In an ideal world, all teachers would have access to all the supplies that their lessons require and a budget that allows for the school to supply the teacher with … Continue reading

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Exploring and Embracing Student Strengths

¬† ¬†Exploring and Embracing Student Strengths By: Hayley Johnson ^Donald Clifton developed this intensive online assessment that depicts your talents and successful qualities. He provides a hearty description of 34 unique strengths that the assessment may report for you (ex: … Continue reading

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Effective utilization of tech tools

Effective utilization of tech tools By: Hayley Johnson We educators know how prevalent technology is becoming in classrooms. Students have Chromebooks, laptops, desktop computers, handheld mobile devices, tablets, and probably more technology that we have never used before in the … Continue reading

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Full STEAM Ahead

Full STEAM Ahead By: Hayley Johnson   The idea of “STEM” today includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Imagine if you could add art to this integrated field. Art, in this case, incorporates liberal arts including social studies, language, physical … Continue reading

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Issues Rooted in STEM

Issues Rooted in STEM By: Hayley Johnson Have you seen this? This is a new (2017) Lego set that was released just this year honoring important women in NASA history. Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison. … Continue reading

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Transparency of Learning

Transparency of Learning By: Hayley Johnson Have you ever been teaching and feel like your students are listening but not understanding, or your students are in class but aren’t actually participating in the learning? (I can admit that I have … Continue reading

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The Students Become The Teacher

The Role Reversal By: Hayley Johnson Think back to your experiences with high school or maybe college classes and relate your experience with one of the following teaching scenarios: Scenario 1: The teacher is the “expert” of the class. The … Continue reading

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There’s No “I” in Team

Cooperative Learning “Cooperative learning” may seem like a foreign concept to those who went through school with just lectures and tests with nothing else in between (I know a lot of my classes were formatted this way). The cooperative learning … Continue reading

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