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Teaching Can Be Hard, but You Can Do It!!!

Throughout the time in a teacher education program, you are constantly bombarded with all of sorts of information to take into account, ways your students could need extra assistance, things you could do better, and knowledge about the profession that … Continue reading

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Helping Those Kids

Have you ever had a room full of kids and wondered why their work varies so dramatically amongst them? Has there ever been that one kid that really struggles to perform at the level you want? Maybe has behavioral problems in … Continue reading

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Something Fun??? But I Thought You Said We Were Being Assessed??

Whenever a student hears assessment, they immediately think “Oh no…a test.” The anxiety and stress begins. Or you may have some students say “Oh thank goodness, I need to improve my grade.” Whatever it is, giving a test at the … Continue reading

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Global Warming?? But it’s cold outside!!?!?

Ever heard this statement? Have you noticed many educated people in very public roles in our world make statements or tweet about how fake global warming is? Where do you think this idea comes from? “Global warming is a myth.” … Continue reading

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Engage in School: How to Hook ’em and Reel ’em In

Anyone who’s ever set foot in a classroom to try and teach students knows that one of the most challenging parts of teaching can be getting your students engaged. But what if it didn’t have to be so challenging? By … Continue reading

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Do You See What I See? – Making Thinking Visible

Have you ever given a presentation and asked for questions at the end to which no one responded? Are you frustrated when you aren’t sure whether or not your audience is understanding the topic? Do you want to be able … Continue reading

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Equity for All – It’s Time

It’s no secret that women and minorities in STEM fields are lacking. Though many focus on the lack of women in these fields, it is really important to also look at how minorities are represented. A startling statistic from 2006 shows that … Continue reading

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STE(A)M Can Be Used in Biology Too!

When people think about biology, most would probably recall sitting in class and trying to memorize parts of the cell or photosynthesis. Not many would say that they remembering designing something cool and being creative. However, this can be the case using … Continue reading

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Constructivist Teaching

    When a teacher begins teaching, there are a number of concepts and theories that he/she should be thinking through and trying to incorporate into their classroom. A major theory that should be present in the classroom is that of … Continue reading

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Group Work Doesn’t Have to be as Terrible as it Sounds!

As soon as a teacher says “group project” or “work in groups” suddenly your gut reaction of dread and probably loathing occurs. Why? Is group work really that bad? Chances are, if you have the reaction like I just described, … Continue reading

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