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Resistant Learners? or Resilient Learners? A Great Tool Every Teacher Needs in their Toolbelt.

In every classroom there’s that one student who just can’t sit still. They jump out of their seat, yell and cuss, and distract their neighbors around them. As a teacher what can you do? How do we get students to … Continue reading

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Dealing with Misconception in the Classroom

As individuals we all have our own experiences that have gotten us to where we are in our lives. Lessons gained from in the classroom to interactions with peers outside that classroom that led to teamwork or maybe disputes that … Continue reading

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Getting the best out of MTV in the Classroom

Everyone loves the television channel MTV and here is the best way that you can use it to for the better performance of your students! Wouldn’t that be a nice reality? Sorry to disappoint but in this blog today we … Continue reading

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Engagement That Won’t Leave a Hole in Your Pockets

As future teachers we strive to provide our students with lessons and knowledge that will stay with them for years to come. We know that the best way to accomplish this is not through standing at the front of the … Continue reading

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Equity in STEM: Forging a path for Women and Minorities

For years prejudice has covered the ground against women and minorities trying to extend their reach into developing careers in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Although the percentage of women and minorities has risen slightly over … Continue reading

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Shifting into Drive

For generations it has been thought that the best way to produce great results is the ole’ carrot-stick method. Punishment for failure and rewards for success, such as when you were a kid and school and your report card reflected … Continue reading

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Set your sights on the Margins

Imagine yourself aboard a large vessel traveling across the grand sea. A mild breeze blows through your hair as it pushes the ship across tiny waves that gently tap the underside of your boat. As the ship continues to drift … Continue reading

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Being an Exemplary Teacher in Today’s World

With each exciting passing moment we visit each day, we cannot help but stop to worry and anticipate the future. This is especially true for our schools as they prepare people to succeed in modern society. As they look to … Continue reading

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Improving Drive

As long as anyone can remember civilization has incorporated the carrot-stick rule to produce the effects that they want. We’re all familiar with it from, not doing well and getting kicked off the baseball team, to, working harder in projects … Continue reading

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Atomic Habits: How small can become gigantic

As we go through life we all dream to be better. We want to be a better athlete, a better runner, a better singer, a better entrepreneur, and so on and so forth. The question is how do we go … Continue reading

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