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Facing Your Fears

We’ve all had to struggle at some point in our life.  We’ve all had that indescribable fear that grips you as a human being.  Maybe you are scared of heights, maybe it’s a fear of rapid water, or maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Classroom: Managed, Crisis: Averted

Walking in your first day and managing a classroom sounds crazy.  All of us haven’t truly managed a classroom on our own yet, we’re still figuring out how we are going to control a classroom with all the hustle and … Continue reading

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When The Money Falls Short, You Don’t Have To!

As we all know, teachers don’t make a ton of money.  Heck, schools are often times not as funded as much as they should be.  This means that we as teachers have to get creative and find resources that are … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to Be Strong?

For most people the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word “strong” is raw strength, such as muscles.  But when we hear the phrase “Play to your strengths”, most people don’t mean play to your raw … Continue reading

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Can We Differentiate Ourselves?

One of the many challenges that we as pre-service teachers tend to face is the self-doubt that we may not be good teachers.  That aching, nagging feeling that is deep in your stomach and when you do something wrong or … Continue reading

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Breaking The Mold

All semester we’ve been talking about how science and teaching science has been changing.  It’s becoming more visual and engaging, and less memorization and to the books work.  Students aren’t just machines that should be reciting the textbook word for … Continue reading

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Let’s Think About Empowerment

Empowering individuals is good.  Straight and simple.  We want everyone to feel like they can make it through anything and feel strong, and well, empowered.  As educators, making sure everyone is feeling welcomed and that they can succeed at anything … Continue reading

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The Things Hiding Among Us

Have you ever really sat down and took the chance to just think? What about thinking about your thinking?  Most people will probably answer no, and I’d understand why.  I never really thought about sitting down and thinking about my … Continue reading

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Why the Emotions Matter

When you think back to high school, what kind of people were your favorite teachers?  Were they the boring kind that just stood at the front of the room and lectured?  Probably not.  I know my favorite teachers had us … Continue reading

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Building the A-Team

Think back to high school, maybe even middle school (in some cases college), what was the one activity that every time the teacher mentioned it you cringed?  There are probably a lot of different answers, but the most common one … Continue reading

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