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The Importance of Fostering Resilience in Students

Nearly 40% of students in the US have been exposed to some sort of traumatic event. This is troubling because when children are exposed to complex or acute drama the brain shifts its operation from development to stress response, which … Continue reading

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Revealing and Dealing with Misconceptions

Teachers (especially ones who teach High School) often have to teach students who have pre-instructural knowledge about a topic. This pre-instructural knowledge is not always correct These incorrect understandings are called alternative conceptions or misconceptions How to Deal with these … Continue reading

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Sparking Ideas of Wonder and Curiosity

Eleanor Duckworth stresses the importance of allowing and encouraging students to become curious and ask questions about different topics and subjects. This can be difficult for many different reasons. Some students can be introverted and may not feel comfortable asking … Continue reading

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Using Visible Thinking Strategies in the Classroom

What is Visible Thinking? Having students externalize their thoughts through speaking, writing, drawing or other methods The Ted Talk below goes into more detail about visible thinking, why it is important, and some ways to incorporate it into the classroom. … Continue reading

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Applying Constructivism to the Laboratory Experience

“Why should friction act on a sphere rolling down an incline differently than on a block sliding down that same incline?” “Why should an object accelerate differently when pulled up an incline compared to when it’s sliding down?” “Do heavier … Continue reading

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Less “I” and more “We”: Cooperative Learning in Classrooms

Cooperation of humans is KEY for allowing society to survive. Cooperation allows people to work together to achieve a common goal or derive mutual benefits. Without cooperation, individuals would not be able to exchange valuable information that allows both sides … Continue reading

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The Right Way to Motivate

“For those of you who get A’s on the next exam, I’ll throw you a pizza party.” “If you make your bed everyday this week, I’ll pay you $10.” “If you aren’t home by 11pm, you can’t go out for … Continue reading

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Striving to Teach in the Margins

I walk in to class and see twenty-five desks lined up in five rows. I take a seat in the second row. The bell rings and the teacher immediately begins lecturing. I frantically begin copying down notes, not retaining the … Continue reading

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Going Above and Beyond as a Science Teacher

The word exemplary can be defined as “worthy of imitation; commendable,” according to Looking back on my high school years, there were some science teachers who stood out to me who I would love to “imitate” in my future … Continue reading

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