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Trauma in the Class, What Do We Do?

What is Trauma? Trauma is pervasive in the high school setting. It’s pervasive everywhere, but it can be very prevalent in a high school classroom. However, it can be hard to catch and even harder to handle when a student’s … Continue reading

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Science Teachers and the Raiders of the Misconception

Have you ever seen the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark? In the movie, there’s a scene where the intrepid archaeologist has made his way into an ancient temple where a golden idol is kept. At … Continue reading

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Taking a Peek Inside Our Student’s Brains

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend where after a while you need to stop and ask, “how did we get on this topic?” You started talking about how your days went, but now you’re somehow discussing whether … Continue reading

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Catching Students’ Curiosity

The first step to getting anyone to want to learn something is to capture their curiosity. No one is going to look at a diagram of forces acting on an object and be like “wow, someday I want to be … Continue reading

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A Look at the STEM Field and Diversity

The field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a rapidly growing field. As the world become increasing reliant on technology, it becomes ever more important that people work to maintain these technologies and improve on them. According to … Continue reading

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I Used Drive as an Excuse to Talk About Video Games (I’m Sorry)

Letting My Nerdiness Show I like video games. I’d say it’s the activity that I spend most of my free time doing. But there is one part of almost every video game that I hate: tutorials. It’s that part at … Continue reading

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Atomic Habits: Patience with the Process

My Struggle with Patience I have to admit, I’m not a patient person. I’m the kind of person who lines my arms with grocery bags just to be sure it’ll only be one trip from my car to my house. … Continue reading

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Teaching to the Margins: Into the Unknown

Margins, What Are They? Ecologically speaking, margins are areas that sit directly between two distinct ecological areas. Where a forest meets a beach. Where a field meets a road. Where a desert meets a mountain. These areas are studied by … Continue reading

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Exemplary Teaching: Making Something to Care About

When I tell people my goal is to be a physics teacher, I get a lot of weird looks; Furrowed brows, scrunched noses, rolling eyes. They tell me “good for you, but I hated physics, I was so bad at … Continue reading

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