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Fostering Resilient students who THRIVE!

…”we must also celebrate the power of resilience. Many of us have found a way to survive the not-OK” (Souers & Hall, 2016 p. 23). This quote is powerful because even though many of us have experienced trauma and (the … Continue reading

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Addressing Alternate Conceptions

Were you ever told that the blood inside your body is blue until it comes in contact with O2? Or have you ever heard someone say that once baby animals are touched by a person their parents will no longer … Continue reading

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Making Student’s Thinking Visible

Why are MTV strategies so important to implement in our science classrooms? Learn more about students/ build deeper connections Pick the brain of our students Allow students to relate concepts to their life, in a way that making learning more … Continue reading

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A Science Teacher’s Guide to: FUND your “Fun :)”

Listen, I’m sure we all agree that if we could, we would drop money left and right to provide our students with engaging lessons, activities, experiments, and the whole nine yards. Unfortunately, we know that is not a sustainable practice … Continue reading

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The “E” in STEM Also Stands for Everyone.

There have been recent efforts over the years to encourage more people to pursue careers in science other than your stereotypical representation of someone a lot like the first image below. While (in my opinion) the story of society is … Continue reading

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Student Driver

How can we foster intrinsic motivation in our science classroom? Ways to instill autonomy within my future students: Instead of doing a traditional test on a unit that is super critical students gain knowledge in, I could have them do … Continue reading

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Atomic Habits in the Science Classroom

What are “Atomic Habits”? Atomic habits are the small scale wins that people consistently engage in, through a life-long process or on a journey. This journey is NOT constructed for someone to eventually become who they want to be, but it is … Continue reading

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Margins- Exploring the Mysteries of Life with our Students

I wanted to start with this quote from former Civil Rights Leader & U.S Rep, John Lewis. This quote has a lot of applicability to many scenarios in our political and social world, but I think it can extend to … Continue reading

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Out of this WORLD Science Teaching!

What kinds of teachers make a difference everyday? What kinds of teachers take chances for the betterment of their students? Below I will discuss some of the many qualities that makes teachers extraordinarily, exemplary. Characteristics of Exemplary Teaching ~ Instruction … Continue reading

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