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Rags to Riches, Riches to Drags, Drags to Drive

Stories told in cultural context over and over again perpetuate a common understanding. These cultural narratives serve as guidelines for each new generation to act and follow but what if these show us historical mistakes? Let’s take the american dream … Continue reading

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The Brink: Teaching in the Margins

Teaching in the Margins For a given science class, being able to go the margins of your classroom can differentiate a great teacher and an adequate teacher. I, like many, grew up hearing the word “margins” referring to paper ones … Continue reading

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The Road Less Traveled: Exemplary Science Teaching

Who was your favorite teacher? This question used to scare me. Haunt me really. What am I supposed to say? Surely, my friends would laugh if I told them I loved my Chemistry teacher, no one can relate to that. … Continue reading

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