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Resilience in a Traumatized Classroom

Trauma. We’ve all heard of it, some say we’ve all experienced it. But what exactly is trauma? Trauma is an exceptional experience in which powerful and dangerous events overwhelm a person’s capacity to cope (Souers, 2016, p. 15). Trauma is … Continue reading

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Pay Attention to the Misconception

Science contains a very broad body of knowledge. There are many ideas, theories, and laws. Sometimes it feels almost impossible to keep them all straight! That’s exactly the case with your students. All students have alternate conceptions about scientific concepts. … Continue reading

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Making Thinking Visible for your Students

Thinking is something that’s invisible, it’s in our mind and we can’t see it. Wouldn’t you like to make it something that is visible though? By making thinking visible, you will allow your students to better comprehend their material and … Continue reading

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Engaging Without Overspending

As a teacher, we are constantly trying to find ways to engage our students about science. We want to grab their attention, reel them in, and captivate them in unique and fun ways. However, unfortunately we often want to do … Continue reading

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STEM is for Everyone

Science is the pursuit of knowledge of the natural world through observation and experiment. It is rooted in the fundamental human desire of discovery and curiosity. This desire to know, to question, and discover is common to all of humanity. … Continue reading

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Put it in Drive!

I’m sure everyone remembers point-grubbers in high school. These were the people who obsessed over every last point, and would fight with the teacher over missed questions on tests.  They would debate technicalities and find loopholes in every question they … Continue reading

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Teaching in the Margins

What does “teaching in the margins” mean? The margins are places where learning and discovery take place, outside of the control of the instructor. Traditionally in a classroom, a teacher has lesson plans that outline exactly what will be taught, … Continue reading

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Exemplary Science Teaching

Being exemplary, being the best, is something that we all strive for in our careers. Athletes, musicians, CEOs are always striving to be more efficient, successful, and profitable. Teachers are the same way. But how do you measure your effectiveness … Continue reading

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