The Challenges of Science Teaching

Have you ever thought teaching science is EASY?

Teaching science is not as easy as you would think!

Challenges Science Teachers Face With Students: 

  • Keeping every student in every single one of their classes engaged and interested.
  • Keeping every student motivated throughout the whole school year.
  • Making sure that every students follows all of the safety rules while working or completing a lab.
  • As a science teacher you have to address and assess every students background knowledge.

Challenges Science Teacher Face Throughout The School Year:

  • One challenge that science teachers face are all of the standards and restriction on what teachers can and cannot teach.
  • Another challenge is the time requirements and limitations while completing labs and different complex activities.
  • Preparing all students for the science standardized test that they will have at the end of the school year
  • Science teachers will also run into a budget limitations. Completing many different labs can be kinda pricey which can budget issues towards the end of the school year.
  • Another challenge that science can face is actually making the learning fun and enjoyable.

The Challenges I Believe Will Be The Hardest To Over Come And Solutions To These Challenges:

  • The hardest challenge that I believe that I will face is the time constraints that are put on all teachers throughout the school year.
    • A solution to this challenge could be being organized and flexible when planning out lesson plans for the school year.
  • Another challenge that I believe that I will face as a teacher is dealing with all of the comments that people make about teachers such as, “Teaching is such an easy job.” “That student is such a problem student, you can’t help them” “How are you going to pay your bills on a teachers salary?”
    • A solution to this situation would just require me to stay calm and handle the comments as composed as I can. I will also make sure to answer the questions best as I see fit for the situation.
  • The final challenge that I believe will be hardest to over come is keeping up with cutting edge science. Science is always changing which leads to an increased amount of changing standards and important science topics.
    • A solution to this challenge would be just making sure that I keep up with all of the new science standards and new facts that scientist are coming up with every single day.

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2 Responses to The Challenges of Science Teaching

  1. chastebm says:

    Katie, Thank you for all of your positive feedback. I definitely have a lot of opinions on what can be the biggest challenges for science teachers. That is the reason that I decided to break the blog up into different sections. Thanks again for all of the feedback!

  2. welshkm says:

    Great post! I really enjoyed reading it. I like how you included budget limitations within your section about challenges that come with science teaching. I have actually never thought about that before, and now that I think about it, my science teachers in high school really did spend more of their own money on classroom materials compared to any of my other teachers. That’s a good thing to keep in mind. A lot of the challenges that you mention come with being a high school teacher in general. My favorite science specific challenge is that you mention the fact that we have to keep up with all of the cutting edge science. This is so true! History will most likely never change. English won’t have many changes. But science is ALWAYS changing, and that’s important to keep in mind.
    Great post!

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