Fieldwork photos

Dr. Gray began conducting fieldwork with members of the Westboro Baptist Church in 2010. Students from Miami University first joined him on a trip to Topeka in Summer 2017. Over the past twelve years of research, the Empathy and the Religious “Enemy” team has taken hundreds of photos of their research experiences. Below are just a few snapshots that we’ve captured during our trips to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Fred Phelps, Sr. (1929-2014), founder. Interviewed by Dr. Gray in 2010.
Dr. Gray and Kathy Griffin-Phelps, a daughter who left the church and later returned.
Shirley Phelps-Roper and three of her sons, interviewed in 2018.
Young men in the church, 2010
Selfie of Dr. Gray and first student team (2017) with Ben Phelps.
Young women in the church, 2010.
Several Topeka community leaders and Dr. Gray, 2010
Tim and LeeAnn Phelps, interviewed in their home, 2016