Inadvertent Direct Deposit update message sent to Miami employees´┐╝

Every December and June we copy production data into our TEST and DEVL environments. This past weekend was our first such copy since implementing the new Banner 9 Self Service baseline functionality to email notify people when their Payroll or Accounts Payable direct deposit info is changed.

After copying production data into DEVL and TEST, for security purposes, we put fake routing and account numbers in place of all the actual direct deposit info.

The refresh itself did NOT trigger the emails. The act of putting in fake routing and account numbers caused the sending of tens of thousands of emails notifying people that their direct deposit info was changed. It was only changed in our DEVL environment.

Before running that same data scramble script in TEST, IT Services was able to disable the table triggers in TEST to prevent sending a second email to all of the same people. We have also updated the refresh documentation noting this issue and the need to disable those triggers in DEVL and TEST.

The refresh did wipe out the email content differences in DEVL and TEST that would have clearly indicated which environment the email came from prior to Banner 9 Self Service. Miami had a piece of custom code in BannerWeb that notified people when their Direct Deposit info was changed through the BannerWeb page.

It is important to note that NO production data was changed.