Behind the Scenes: Miami University Art Museum’s Arts Management Internship

By Caroline Bastian

Over the course of the 17/18 school year, I served as the Arts Management Intern at the Miami University Art Museum (MUAM) in Oxford, OH. This year-long internship allowed me to focus each semester on a different aspect of the museum, providing a more well-rounded and hands-on learning experience. After working last fall as a Curatorial Intern under Curator of Exhibitions Jason Shaiman, I knew the opportunities at MUAM were vital in continuing my education.

As an Arts Management Intern, I worked closely with the Coordinator of Marketing and Communications, Sherri Krazl. A majority of my time at the museum was devoted to running and writing for MUAM’s student-run blog, Moments@MUAM. This blog showcased various events going on throughout the museum and highlighted numerous arts-driven activities all over campus. The goal of the blog is to further incorporate it into the student body at Miami and help publicize all the cool things that happen at the museum. In addition to the blog, I split my time each semester in a different area of the museum: collections or curatorial.

I worked alongside Laura Stewart, Collections Manager, and Registrar, and learned the ins and outs of MUAM’s collection. A large portion of the collection includes Native American Jewelry from American Southwest groups including the Hopi, Navajo, and Pueblo. I photographed, uploaded, researched, and finalized the exhibition, adding all the information about the jewelry donated by Edna Kelly. Through this tedious process, I was able to learn the in-depth research and analysis that goes into creating an object file, while also becoming well versed in widely used museum software.

Not only has MUAM been expanding their internship program immensely, they are also able to cater to my own specific interests. When I first met with Sherri at the beginning of the semester, we talked in depth about my own interests and what I was wanting to gain and learn throughout this internship. As time has gone on, I have become more interested in various topics throughout museum work that I would never have been exposed to if it was not for this experience. Moreover, this internship provides me the opportunities to directly apply the various topics I have learned from Arts Management, such as non-profit business, grant writing, fostering donor relationships, communication with consumers, and furthering MUAM’s image within Miami’s culture. In the spring, I will continue to apply this knowledge in furthering the blog, training incoming interns, planning an anniversary exhibition in honor of MUAM’s 40th, and continue to expand MUAM’s presence on campus.

Photo of (L-R) Laura Stewart, Caroline Bastian, Liz Mulleniz, Robert Wicks, Rob Robbins, Ursula con Rydingsvard, Heidi McWilliams, and Jason Shaiman.

For more information about getting involved at the Miami University Art Museum for Arts Management, please contact Sherri Krazl at or go online to

Caroline Bastian is a junior studying Art and Architecture History with a co-major in Arts Management and a minor in Museums and Society.