Making the Magic: Arts Management and the Charter Day Ball

By Anna Clark

There’s something special about the amount of thought, effort, and talent that goes into endless forms of art. Art cannot be defined simply and it feels that the definition is always becoming broader. For me, that moment I see an incredible artist walk on stage and flawlessly sing, dance, and perform in front of audience is magical. When a symphony orchestra is seamlessly in sync, when a dancer breathes life into music simply by the movement of their body, or a live theater performance where the actors are capable of taking that room and everyone in it to a different world and immersing the audience into a story.

Unreal. “The chills” is what some might call it, but I call it awe. The arts constantly have me sitting in my chair or standing in a room in complete awe. The definition of awe is, “a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder”. Now, I rarely experience fear while experiencing art, but wonder is definitely applicable.

I decided my sophomore year that I wanted to be more involved on campus and the event that sparked my attention was Charter Day Ball. I heard about it during chapter and immediately wanted to learn more. I’ve never been to a ball, and being able to plan one sounded like the bees knees. I’ve always been involved with the arts

If you have not heard of Charter Day Ball yet, it’s Miami University’s birthday party. The event takes place every three years and is the largest student planned event on campus that is planned for about two years prior to the event. I am currently on the leadership team for the upcoming 2018 ball. I acquired my position on accident. I had little information on the event, but I knew I wanted to be more involved on campus and a ball sounded like an exciting event to be a part of. I signed up on The Hub to interview for what I thought was a general member position. However, once I received the email regarding my interview I learned it was for a Co-Chair position.

I was nervous at first because I had been having a difficult semester and did not want to over commit myself. However, I decided I needed to add something to my schedule that I truly enjoyed, so I interviewed and for the past year I have been planning entertainment for the 2018 Charter Day Ball. The experience is something I am proud of and the fact that I stumbled on it accidentally is a little crazy to me. Charter Day Ball is an event I am truly excited for because it has allowed me to include a variety of performers and performances throughout the night and hopefully there is something for everyone’s taste. At this point I can’t believe I ever considered bypassing this opportunity, it will truly be a night to remember and I personally can’t wait.