Top 10 successful business ideas to start while studying in university

There are many options for you to choose from while thinking about ideas to earn extra cash while studying at England universities. Because university life can indeed bring anyone to the edge of having money for anything apart from studying.

There is always an option to go for part-time and shift duties to earn some money, but we all know that it is super hectic and very identical to writing a dissertation but now students have the best option of dissertation writing services uk from very reputation universities dissertation writing experts. We manage to compile some of the most convenient yet profitable business ideas for students in the UK. Let’s take a look.

Social media

If you love to use social media, earning from it is not difficult. You can choose social media of your choice, Facebook, Instagram, Tok-tok, etc. The easiest way to utilize such platforms to make money is by advertising different brands and increasing their fan following. This way, you can earn some freebies or PR packages and earn money.

Becoming a YouTuber

YouTube always stays in season. Everyone visits this platform to watch their favourite videos. But YouTube has become more than an entertainment platform because it also helps you learn information, study, and find out more about something you are looking for. You can start your YouTube channel on anything you like or think is in demand. Because if YouTube places advertisements on your video, which lands you sponsorships, then you can earn handsomely with it.

Convert CDs to MP3s

Music is all around us. And even though in this modern era, there are still a lot of CDs that need converting. People like to download MP3 songs, and they are always looking for someone to convert those old songs from CD to MP3.

Sitting (pet, house, or baby)

Sitting (not literally) is the easiest and quickest way to earn money. You can look for sitting jobs nearest you online. In addition, you can opt for taking care of a house, pet, or baby. But remember to be super careful with meeting university assignment deadlines and for that look no further as do my assignment for me uk is the most favourite service used by students. 

Resell old books

Books are always in fashion. Some people are literal book hoarders, so they buy books whenever they can. Since you are a student, you will have a lot of interactions with various books. But, you can sell those books once you are done with them. This way you won’t earn money, but at least you will get back the amount you spend on those books.

Sell your creativity

If you have a creative soul for any art, you should sell it. You can make your profile on online platforms like Upwork, Medium, or Fiver and then publish your works there for the world to see. You should create gigs to attract buyers to your work. Then, you can cash in your talents via the internet.

Selling clothes

There are many websites and shops all over England which allow you to sell your old clothes (in good condition) for a good amount. You can approach websites like Depop or eBay to sell your clothes. However, if you want to earn some more, you can visit a charity shop or thrift store to buy items and sell them for a bit of profit.

Publish something (blog, article, or magazine)

It might seem like a big and difficult thing, but publishing something under your name on a small scale isn’t difficult (especially if you know how to write). For example, you can write a small blog or article on your favourite topic and publish it on websites that pay you for it. Or you can also publish a magazine, but for that, you will have to collect reading-worthy material.

Publishing will also look great on your CV.

Start delivering

You can start your delivery services to make money. If you don’t have a bike or a car, you can start working on a cycle or walk to your delivery destination.

Start proofreading

You can help your colleagues and random strangers by reading and correcting their written works for a fee. This idea works great because 1st you are a student and know how to edit and proofread documents, and 2nd because not everyone can write flawlessly, and most people need someone to polish their writings a bit before they forward it.


These were the best small businesses ideas for you to try from. The best thing about them is that you won’t have to invest too much money into these businesses and get instant results. So try your hands on these ideas and thank us later. But remember to never work on these businesses at the expense of your studies.